Using masks and puppets to create a magical, cartoon-like world inside of a biodome, Flight of Fancy spins a tale of wonder when a puffin and a girl become unlikely friends and break loose into a night of adventure. Performed by Public Works’ Artistic Director Sondra Blanchard and Claire Patton and directed by Meghan Frank, this show for all ages features mask and puppetry.

We will be part of the Jaipur Literature Festival at the Boulder Public Library on September 17th at 11:45 am. The show will be in the children’s area.

THANK YOU to the donors in our crowdfunding campaign to help make this show possible: Dave Blanchard, Carol Martin, Elyana Cohen-Funk, Erin Williams, Seth Reichgott, P. Penson, Will Bright-Frare, Debbi Larson, Carly Fox, Marilyn Flynn, Linda Flinkman, Kathryn Hall, Sean Lamborne, Sarah Dodson-Knight (and to the other 30 of you who wished to remain anonymous!).
Generously funded in part by grants from the Boulder County Arts Alliance and the City of Lafayette Cultural Arts Commission.


Edwina has traveled the world over to find the most talented fleas—miniature minions of delight to woo you with feats sublime and … dangerous. With a fine-toothed comb she has searched high and low: The bellies of Russian Wolfhounds, the snouts of Pugs, and the noodles of Shih Tzus! This intimate circus has limited seating so get your tickets today! Absolutely NO DOGS ALLOWED.

Louisville Center for the Arts,  801 Grant St., Louisville
Saturday, October 7th at 2pm
Tickets are $12 adults, $10 children/seniors (children under age 18 and seniors 65+)
Tickets may be purchased at

Edwina the Great and Her Amazing Traveling Flea Circus is available for private parties, house concerts and other events. Please email us at for more information!

Funded in part by grants from the Boulder County Arts Alliance and the City of Lafayette Cultural Arts Commission.


Drip Drop songDrip drop. Drips down her collar, drops on her pillow. Wanda lives a damp life under the wave that has hovered over her home for all her days. When a wanderer appears and her dog Bones goes missing, the promise of the wave is released.

This interactive and multilingual family show features various forms of puppetry as well as live music and sound effects. Based on the book The Old Woman & The Wave by Shelley Jackson, the story is adapted for the stage by Sondra Blanchard, with creative collaboration from puppeteers Nicole Frantilla and Shoshana Bass.

Puppetry by Sondra Blanchard and Nicole Frantilla. Music written, adapted and performed by Paul Weidig.

A hit in the 2014 Boulder International Fringe Festival, Wanda & the Wave is approximately 45 minutes in length, appropriate for all ages.

Funded in part with a grant from The Jim Henson Foundation. This project has also been supported in part by grants from:  Boulder County Arts Alliance; Lafayette Cultural Arts Commission, an agency of the Lafayette City Council; Boulder Arts Commission, an agency of the Boulder City Council.I Like To Go There

Thank You to Our Donors!

Carole Martin, Linda Flinkman, Barbara Cunningham, Seth Reichgott, Cynthia Ward, Barbara Dilley, Carol Niegisch, Karen Kolber, Shelly Barnard & Family, Audience Development Specialists, Nicole Girouard, John Boyce, Elyana Funk, Griffin & Gwyneth Knight, Dave Blanchard


Meet Pia and Pashminka, neighbors wherever they roam. Peek into their pop-up world in which epic journeys to get the mail and dancing houses prevail. A delight for all ages! A new work of clown theatre featuring Sondra Blanchard and Myles Goldin. Created in collaboration by Sondra Blanchard, Myles Goldin, Claire Patton, and Nicole Frantilla.  Directed by Claire Patton.

Pia & Pashminka are off roaming the world … they may see you again, but clowns will be clowns and may get distracted by shiny objects.

“Epic and Hilarious!” – S.F., Lafayette audience member.

“I would say that audiences are going to find both a humor and a poetry that is really genuine and vulnerable … Being a clown is more of a stripping away than a putting on of something.” – Director Claire Patton, quoted in the Daily Camera.


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