logo-final-expanded-1Public Works Theatre Company creates new and exuberant theatre for families to engage our wonder, delight, and curiosity. Our education programs nurture creativity, self-awareness, and ensemble play.

Based in Lafayette, Colorado, we offer professional theatrical productions and educational programs in local venues and on tour.


Fundraiser Kicks Off for New Show Flight of Fancy

Our newest original show, Flight of Fancy, is in production and we’re kicking off a crowdfunding fundraiser to help with the cost of creating the show!

Flight of Fancy uses cartoon-like full masks and puppets to bring to life two delightful and eccentric characters who meet in a biodome*: one a lonely puffin seeking a friend, the other a thoughtful girl open to adventure by virtue of her curiosity. Set to an original music score, a night of adventure in the biodome unfolds with a puppet cast of animal friends.

*Biodome = cross between a zoo and a natural history museum

Mask maker Vivian Appler works on masks for Public Works Theatre Company’s upcoming show “Flight of Fancy.”

CLICK HERE to visit our fundraising page on Indiegogo! Please consider making a donation and helping us spread the word!

The show will premiere this April in Lafayette, Colorado.

Funded in part by grants from the Boulder County Arts Alliance and the City of Lafayette Cultural Arts Commission.



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