logo-final-expanded-1Public Works Theatre Company creates new and exuberant theatre for families to engage our wonder, delight, and curiosity. Our education programs nurture creativity, self-awareness, and ensemble play.

Based in Lafayette, Colorado, we offer professional theatrical productions and educational programs in local venues and on tour.


Public Works part of the Boulder Family Fringe Festival – Free Event!

13914103_10103354236125966_8554613630750874155_oThe Boulder Family Fringe Festival happens Saturday, August 13 from 10 am – 2 pm! Public Works Theatre Co. is proud to once again present a workshop as part of this FREE event at the Boulder Public Library. Claire Patton will present an animal-themed workshop in Physical Theatre & Movement from 12-30-1:15 pm. Please join us for this and other great activities encompassing music, acting, dance and art!

“Edwina” Sells Out at Chautauqua!

We’re happy to announce that“Edwina the Great and Her Amazing Traveling Flea Circus” has 2 sold out shows at Chautauqua on Saturday, August 13!

Didn’t get tickets? Book “Edwina”This show is now available for events and private parties. A unique entertainment experience for kids OR adults! Contact us at publicworkstc@gmail.com for more information.


“Wanda & the Wave” 

Thank you to the Millibo Art Theatre for bringing Wanda & the Wave to Colorado Springs! See you next time!

Drip drop. Drips down her collar, drops on her pillow. Wanda lives a damp life under the wave that has hovered over her home for all her days. When a wanderer appears and her dog Bones goes missing, the promise of the wave is released.

This interactive and multilingual family show features various forms of puppetry as well as live music and sound effects. Based on the book The Old Woman & The Wave by Shelley Jackson, the story is adapted for the stage by Sondra Blanchard, with creative collaboration from puppeteers Nicole Frantilla and Shoshana Bass.

“Edwina The Great & Her Amazing Traveling Flea Circus”

Edwina has traveled the world over to find the most talented fleas—miniature minions of delight to woo you with feats sublime and … dangerous. With a fine-toothed comb she has searched high and low: The bellies of Russian Wolfhounds, the snouts of Pugs, and the noodles of Shih Tzus!

Edwina and her performers would like to thank Lafayette for a run of completely sold out shows for their debut in Colorado! They’re off traveling to the ends of the Earth right now, but check back here or contact us to find out when they return!

Funded in part by grants from the Boulder County Arts Alliance and the City of Lafayette Cultural Arts Commission.

“Nosy Neighbors”

Meet Pia & Pashminka, neighbors wherever they roam. A new work of clown theatre featuring Sondra Blanchard & Myles Goldin. Directed by Claire Patton.

Pia & Pashminka are off roaming the world … they’ll see you again sometime in 2016!

“Epic and Hilarious!” – S.F., Lafayette audience member.

“I would say that audiences are going to find both a humor and a poetry that is really genuine and vulnerable … Being a clown is more of a stripping away than a putting on of something.” – Director Claire Patton, quoted in the Daily Camera.

Visit our SHOWS page for more information!



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